Fine Art Photographs

Fine Art Photography begins with an inspiration. It might be a portrait, or a location, that says something to me, something impactful.
Of course there is the technical side to a great photograph. The right lighting, effective composition, desired focus, advanced post processing techniques.
Equally important if not more so, is the story behind the image – what makes the image evolve into a fine art piece. 

How much does a print cost?

The price varies based on size, mounting (finish), and percentage of Limited Edition Available for sale. All pieces are limited editions. Prices of each image increases as the image reaches varying levels of sold out. 

Is there a warranty?

All artwork purchases are covered under our 100%, “take one month to decide” money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a credit, refund or exchange for up to 30 days. See our full warranty for details. Please see our warranty for full information.

Is there shipping charges?

The is no shipping charge for orders in North America (excluding acrylic). International orders and acrylic shipments are calculated based on destination, going from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada to your location. Canadian orders are shipped via Purolator insured and traceable. International and overseas orders are shipped via Canada Post Airmail insured. Large pieces are shipped truck freight. Your package is normally shipped a couple of days after we receive your order (excluding acrylic). Acrylic orders are shipped within 4 weeks of order received.

Prices increase regularly

This pricing structure guarantees that your investment increases in value proportionally. All orders placed after a price increase are billed at the new prices. We do reserve the right to change our prices and policies at any time without notice.


My passion! Where photography meets art, a final piece that will cherished for all time, and passed down through your family. Have you ever imaged your most artistic side. Maybe a connection with nature, adrenaline, or even of time long passed. Whether you’re looking for a formal painterly masterpiece to hang in your main room, or a complex composition placing you in the gondolas of Venice, the possibilities are endless.

What is the process for creating the work?

The process begins with a conversation, so I can understand what you’re looking for, and we can discuss ideas on the creation. We then determine what resources will be required (costumes, location, makeup, equipment) and schedule the shoot. Contact me to get the conversation going.

Can there multiple people in the print?

Absolutely! People, even your favorite pet.

What if I have an idea that I don’t know how to create?

Excellent, the creation process is a collaboration. The final piece of art will come from your idea combined with my vision to create a captivating piece you’ll love!

Can I have an exotic location backdrop without actually being there?

Yup! Venice delivered to your door. The power the digital age gives us literally removes all boundaries.

Who will supply the costumes?

Either you can supply the costume, or I have many that we can work with. Think of this as just part of the artistic journey.

How long to receive the final print?

Depending on the complexity of the requirements, the final print will usually be delivered within 3-6 weeks from the shoot.

What if I don’t like the final print?

If you’re not happy with the final product, and it is not something we can fix to your satisfaction, you can refuse delivery and any other further obligation will be null and void. Your only risk is your required deposit, to cover expenses.

What do I need to do to finalize the booking with you?

For every commissioned print there is a contract to be signed and a $1000 deposit required. The remainder of the payment is due on delivery.